Understanding the Chinese Astrology


There are many things what you can find online about Chinese Astrology but most website will speak just about the year of the different Chinese Signs/Elements and will give you just the most superficial characteristics of you . Chinese Astrology is not just about this but much more complex and detailed.

In order you to find out your full personality and main characteristics you will need to look not just at the year in which you were born but the month, day and hour as well. A much detailed personal analysis is provided by the Four Pillars of Destiny.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a four column where the first column represents the hour, the second the day, third the month and the forth one the year. Every column is divided to two part which contains an element and a zodiac sign. The elements appear in the top part of the columns, called the Heavenly Stems, while the zodiac signs will appear in the bottom of the columns, these are the Earthly Branches. These four column shows who you are, your base and constant characteristics and energies of you and your soul.

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