Favourable factors in the chart


What are the favourable factors in a chart? It can vary from person to person what we consider as favourable factor but I think most of us will agree that health, financial stability, good patterns of love and romantic life and the possibility for a peaceful, smoothly flowing life are one of these.

Let me tell you about a factor which I’m bumping into quite often when it comes to a chart analysis. This factor is money (of course). Lots of people want to know how they could stabilise their finances, why are they having financial issues, what they doing wrong or what they could do better in order to set for themselves a financially stable life. Money is a factor which an astrologer can see straight away in someone’s chart. Money is also that element in a chart which the Day Stem (or the Self) controls, let me remind you with the below diagram of the control cycle of the five elements:

The control cycle: Wood controls Earth, Earth controls Water, Water controls Fire, Fire controls Metal and Metal controls Wood.

The Money Element is that element of the chart which the Day Stem (Heavenly Stem of the day column) controls. If this element is well represented in the chart, that means that the respective person will not have financial difficulties in his life. As many times the Money Element appears in the chart, as stable will be someone financially. Money element shows a very good business sense. People with this element in their chart handle money really well, they want to have money and are willing to work for this anytime without hesitation. If the Money Element is well represented the person will easily get along in the world of finances, will see the opportunities there where others can’t and not only will see, but also will live with these opportunities.

The Money Element is well represented in the chart of the wealthiest people in the world or at least we can find this in their hour column. The Hour column shows someone’s secrets and hidden desires. People with the Money Element in their Hour Column are waking up and working every day towards a desire to make money, to build up their own financial stability and to not depend on anyone.

But let’s analyse this money case a bit further, because it can happen that someone is full with the desired Money Element and still has no money. Why is this happening? The truth is that it can happen that someone has a safe full with money but does not have the key to open it. Without the key this safe is going to stay locked no matter how hard someone tries to open it. But what is the key? The key which opens the safe full of money is none other than the Talent Element. Talent Element is that element which shows the talents, the inherent gifts of the Day Stem. This is that Element that the Day Stem “gives birth to”, meaning everything which is in the Day Stem can manifest to the outer world easier through this element.

Soooo…There are cases when it’s not enough if someone has the Money Element in his chart, he will also need a special talent which will help him to access to this money (or to make this money for himself). To be this clearer I have created a little diagram for you which shows the natural flow of the Talent Element:

The Talent Element is responsible to surface the hidden talents of a person. With this element in the chart people feel the need to show the world what is inside them. They are usually very smart and creative with very good communication skills. These are those people who know how to “sell” themselves.

The Money and the Talent Element together in the chart are a very powerful and lucky combination because with these a person will get the key (talent) to a safe full with treasures and he will be able to keep this treasure through his life and grow it for his own advantage.