What determines what type of partner someone desires? This is different in every person. Some people want a serious, faithful, reliable partner; others prefer more adventure and variety. According to Chinese Astrology our partner (spouse) house shows what type of partner we truly desire. The partner or spouse house is the earthly branch of the day column (Day Animal). The animal of the day column shows our home and our partner.  

The Heavenly stem of the day column is the person itself. In order to find out what type of partner someone wants and is compatible with we need to investigate the relation between the heavenly stem and the earthly branch of the day column.

In order to determine what type of partner is the best match for us we need to know two basic things:

  1. The main element of the Earthly Branches (Animals)
  2. The elements’ cycles

1. Elements of the Earthly Branches

Animals Elements

2. The Five Elements Cycles

There are two main cycles between the 5 elements:

  • Productive Cycle: Earth nurtures Metal → Metal supports water → Water nurtures Wood → Wood creates Fire → Fire nurtures Earth
productive cycle
  • Destructive (controlling) Cycle: Earth limits Water → Water puts down fire → Fire melts Metal → Metal cuts Wood → Wood weakens Earth.
destructive cycle

Knowing the above two facts, we easily can define from here what type of partner someone is looking for the most.

Five possible scenarios:

  1. The Day Master and Animal of the day are the same. (e.g. Day Master Yin Fire – Day Animal Snake (Yin Fire) – Fire = Fire). This shows that the person is looking for a relation where his partner is the same as him. He wants a relationship which is based on equality. With this day column work relations are very common.
  2. The Day Master in controlled by the Day Animal (e.g. Jin Water day master – Ox Day Animal (Yin Earth) – Earth controls Water). This person wants a relation where his partner will give certain boundaries to him, will restrict him in some way and in a good way, but will hold back a bit when and where this is needed. Nonetheless if there is too much control from the partner’s side he will rebel against it sooner or later.
  3. The Day Master supports the Day Animal (e.g. Yang Wood day master – Horse day animal (Yang Fire) – Wood creates Fire). This person likes to talk and share all the ideas with his partner which are in him. He seeks an intelligent partner who he a can talk about the ‘’important things of life’’ and who is also a good listener.
  4. The Day Master is supported by the Day Animal (e.g. Yang Wood Day Master – Rat Day Animal (Yang Water) – Water supports Wood). This person likes to relax, to do things in his own peace, does not like to be rushed or be under time pressure. He wants a partner who supports and spoils him and who he can trust and rely on under any circumstances.
  5. The Day Master controls the Day Animal (e.g. Yang Water Day Master – Horse Day Animal (Yang Fire) – Water controls Fire). A person with this day column likes to keep everything under control, mainly in his relationship. He does not likes to talk about his feelings. This is a very active and dynamic partner who plans and sorts out things on his own in a relationship. The best way how he can express his feelings towards his partner is in the things that he does for her.

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