In Chinese Astrology, Dog represents the safety and security of the home. Home is a sacred place for the Dog, which he defences against intruders but also offers protection for their loved ones. He or she enjoys fixing things in the house making it as secure and comfortable as possible. The dog personality fiercely defensive of friends and family too.

Dogs are loyal and generous, like to socialise and have lot of friends, but true friendship will have just a few of them and within this close circle the bonds are unbreakable . Whoever has a loyal Dog friend, has a friend for life.

Since their home, family and close friends are the most important is not a surprise that they will choose mostly that type of occupation which is connected with building or real estate.

Dogs are very proud of their houses witch they prefer to owe rather than rent, however they don’t tend to stay in one fixed location through their life, they will always try to move to more spacious and expensive locations. Despite that how important place is their house in their life, dogs also love to spend time outside, in fact Dog is a lover of countryside and their loved home is more a place to return rather than spend their all time in.

Despite the fact that dogs are very generous, helpful and loyal persons who are being respected by many, it’s not easy to live with them because of their often mood changes and the difficulty to meet with their needs.