Dragon is the only mythical animal among the 12. People born under the sign of Dragon wear a mythical touch on them too, they are very exotic, interesting figures with a hint of otherworldliness in their character.

Dragon is a symbol of luck,  who is attracted by extravagant, unusual things. Dragons are born to win they are fighting till the last to achieve their goals. Contrary to West, where dragons were described as monsters in East people thought is a sign of luck, an all-knowing creature who brings good fortune.

Those born under the sign of dragon are attracted by the stage, magic and spectacle. Dragon is born to be a leader, thanks for his willpower and desire of success, they get to the top of his career very often.  He is an exceptional businessman/woman. Dragons needs to be careful though because they can be easily intoxicated by their own successes and become to daring. Luck comes easy for them but, as such, goes easy as well and they need to be aware of this. They can be easily addicted by gambling and risk everything what they have, thinking after a few initial success they can always win.