Being a Yang Fire sign, horses are very energetic and personify masculine qualities. They like to be in the centre of attention and very active. Horses are very good team players and good at almost any sports. It’s a very sociable sign, extremely important for them to be part of a social group or community. Since this is a very vivacious and vivid sign, they tend to have lot of friends and once they made friend with someone that person can be sure that he found a friend for a life in a Horse person.

Because this is a very dominant sign, in ancient China people believed that it is very unfavourable if a woman is born in the year of the Horse, mainly if the year was a Fire Horse Year. They believed that these women will have a very turbulent character and their husband will have no peace beside them.

The other main characteristic of the Horse is the love of freedom. Likes to have an independent life, free from bounds and rules, this doesn’t mean though that family is not important for them. They like their families and make great efforts to support their loved ones as much as they can, they just like to separate their work and social life from their homes and families.