The hour column determines a person’s inner self, that part of the personality people like to keep hidden. Those secret ambitions and desires that sometimes are not realised not for just the outside world but for the self neither. This column shows the life mission of a person together with all those things what he secretly desires. This column also reflects the individual’s relation with children and with all those people who he takes care of in some way (clients, employees, pets). This is a reflection of the inner self that a person would like to be.

Determining the hour animal

Determining the hour animal can seem pretty simple because Chinese astrology divides the day into twelve hours and every two hours has an animal sign. Nonetheless determining the hour animal can be quite tricky because the first hour does not begin at midnight but at 11 pm. The Daylight Saving Time also can set some confusion determining the hour column. If the time of the birth was registered when Daylight Saving Time was in operation adjustments must be made accordingly. The other confusion what also can arise is the Time zones. Some countries have a number of time zones. The rule in these cases is to always use the time as told by the Sun, meaning that time from when the Sun is directly overhead at noon.

If not sure of the hour column please write to mychineseastrology89@gmail.com for free hour column determination.

Hour animals