Chinese Astrology is one of the most ancient knowledge in the world. The first written records of it are from 2.697 BC.

According to the legend the knowledge of Chinese Astrology comes from the mythical Yellow Emperor, deity in Chinese culture, scholar, teacher and high priest. Beside the Chinese Astrology he introduced the science of writing in China.

There are two main trends in Chinese astrology:

  • The Purple Star Astrology (based on lunar circles)
  • Four Pillars of Destiny (based on solar calendar)

Eastern Cosmology states that at the beginning there was nothing, this was the big ”completeness” which symbol is a circle, then appeared two polarity, the Yin and the Yang. When the Yin and Yang polarity is in balance, there is harmony and happiness. Chinese Astrology is a guide of how a person can reach this harmony.


Chinese Astrology can be used:

  • To understand ourselves and our primal reactions;
  • To understand people around us and make our relations better through this understanding;
  • Can help to make best decisions and choices;
  • Helps to find our profession, what we can be the best in;
  • Helps in finding the everyday balance, our inner harmony which will brings us happiness