Combination: RAT

Ox – Rat = Water, Earth

Rat and Ox feel instant attraction from first sight towards each other. In this relationship the Water element will be constant. Ox and Rat are winter animals and winter’s element is water. The Water element can bond these two together very deeply. They can understand each other sometimes even without words. Together they can be very philosophical and deep thinkers. They like long and meaningful conversations about the ‘’important’’ things of life.

In addition, if there is Earth or Fire in their chart or in hourly, daily, monthly or yearly transit appears Earth or Fire elements or animals, these two signs together bring into life the Earth element. In these cases this element will appear as a completion of the Water element in their relationship. If Earth element appears their relation become even stronger, they can feel unbreakable and bonded. Earth brings stability, balance and calmness in their relationship, but at the same time it can slow them down as well in their relationship. Rat and Ox together radiates safety and security. The only problem in this relationship can be if these two are getting so comfortable in each other’s company that will become lazy and will take for granted that the other part is there for them forever. Most of the time though, this does not disturb them at all.

Strong compatibility: SNAKE, ROOSTER, PIG

Ox – Snake – Rooster = Metal

Ox, Snake and Rooster creates Metal element. Fidelity, altruism, honesty, honour will be key words in their relationship. They make a great couple not just as partners but as colleagues as well; they can help each other in a field of their career a lot. Even if separately they are hesitant, unstable characters, together they will feel very strong and confident, able to bring even hard decisions quickly and easily.

Ox – Pig = Water

Just as with Rat, Ox creates the Water element with Pig as well. Because of the Water element Ox and Pig can have a strong emotional attachment with each other too. Together they can feel very bonded, their philosophical side appears in each other’s company and they can bring into surface such deep thoughts and wisdom of each other which they never thought existed.

Opposition: GOAT

Ox’s opposite animal is Goat. Ox and Goat both are Earth animals. Earth means stability but when these two Earth signs meets it is like two earth plates would clash into each other creating an earthquake, making them feel like the earth is always constantly moving below their feet.

With Ox and Goat in opposition stability disappears, both signs feel that they cannot control their life anymore. If Ox and Goat plans together in general this plan will never come out in that way how they planned originally. Being both earth elements, they strive towards stability, predictability, to be able to plan their life in advance but in this opposition they can’t, because no matter what their plans were originally, life will always bring such situations in their way which change their plans completely. People with this opposition in synastry can feel sometimes very insecure, they can feel that nothing is stable around them. As partners Ox and Goat are often uncertain of the other partners feelings, they not sure if the other loves them in the same way as they do, and as a consequence of this they fear that they will lose the other can be constant. With this opposition the most important thing for both Ox and Goat as partners is to accept that they will not be able to plan. They must learn to let themselves be led by life and trust that everything will be sorted in the end. Life will solve their problems in such ways which they cannot calculate yet at the present, because of this there is no reason for them to worry what is going to happen in the future.

Key sentence: Don’t plan and don’t worry, let yourself be led by life and trust that everything will be fine in the end.