This sign embodies all qualities which are associated with family, home and warm friendliness. They love luxurious comfort in their house where they can rest. They enjoy life and can be delighted with tiny things as well. A great host who loves to invite friends in their house and an exceptional parent.

Pigs are good with money, hardworking and once they started something like to take it till the end. They work hard in order to enjoy the benefits what the extra money can bring to them.

Pigs are open and straight, but this can be a weakness though. Pig is liable to misjudge people, and their naivety and charitable personality make them an easy prey, whom others can take advantage of. Pigs are very patient and ready to compromise. If there is and argument or a fight most of the time Pig is the one who creates peace.

Those were born under this sign have a great sense of style, and while at home they prefer to relax and wear comfortable clothes, when it’s an occasion they like to dress up nicely in clothes which let them to stand out and be noticed.