Combination: OX

Rat – Ox = Water, Earth

Rat’s best friend is Ox; he feels an instant attraction whenever he meets with a person whose chart contains an Ox sign (especially if this sign is in the Day column – spouse house). Rat and Ox are a very stable couple, they can really feel how the other thinks. They can talk for hours constantly, without would get bored with each other company. If despite this strong bond they decide to break up they will leave a very intense mark in the others’ soul.

Strong compatibility: dragon, monkey, pig, rat

Rat – Dragon – Monkey – Pig = Water

Rat has also a strong bond with Dragons and Monkeys. These three animal signs together creates the water trigon, which makes them deep thinkers, philosophical and often spiritual. They always have something to share between them. They can be perfect company for each other even for a lifetime.

Lastly, Rat can create a good relation with a Pig or with another Rat. Being a water element, Pig can understand and tolerate the Rat’s often changing mood and can find in this person a reliable partner whom he can always count on and with who life is never boring.

 Opposition: horse

The watery rat and the fiery horse are each other’s opposite. These two can bring out really strong emotions from each other, in a positive as well as in a negative way. Sudden mood changes, loud arguments and quick reconciliations can characterise their relationship, nonetheless these two sign can learn a lot from each other if they really want. They have the power to light up and help surface the others deeply buried and forgotten feelings and grievances which they would not be able to face without each other. By bringing these deep emotions into surface they are getting the chance to solve them, so this will not lead their life anymore from their subconscious.

Key sentence: if you struggle with this opposition and feel yourself on a constant emotional roller coaster, remind yourself that what you feel really intense and painful at the moment, will significantly loose its intensity later on. Try to stay calm and don’t overreact.