Rat is the first animal from the 12 Chinese animal sign and just like her first place in Chinese astrology, he or she likes to be the first in real life as well.

According the ancient Chinese zodiac story the Jade Emperor decided that he wants to find a way of measuring time, he organised a swimming race for the animals and he announced that the first 12 animal will be the winner and each will have a year of the zodiac named after them. The animals lined up along the river, the rat was with his friend the cat but they both were poor swimmers so the rat asked the Ox to carry them across the river. The Ox was happy to help them, they both jumped on his back and just before would reach the other side the rat pushed the cat into the water, jumped on the ox’s head who were just about to win the race and from his head to the other side, so he became the winner and that’s why the first year of the zodiac named after the Rat. Just as in this little story, Rats like to be first in real life as well and for this, sometimes they seem to be willing to sacrifice almost everything, even friendships and their ways till the end of their races are not always ”clear”.

Rats belong to Yang water element which gives them a ”deepness”. Just as water they like to be always in a move, even in the surface you see a calm person, deep down probably a lot happening.

You can never tame a Rat, one of the most inscrutable sign. It’s impossible to predict how a Rat will react in different situations and even if you know a Rat for decades, they will always show you a side which you never knew before.