This is an extroverted yin sign, who in China symbolises coinage and linked with commerce and trade. Rooster represents the setting sun, when birds and people are going home and leave the tasks of the day. Just like the Rooster in farmyard, who is the first to be awake and announce the approach of morning, Rooster persons are early raisers too, which sometimes can cause resentments by the Rooster’s partners.

Roosters are better talkers then listeners. Being a brave and proud sign they are fast in criticism which is not always welcomed to their acquaintances. They have a charisma which attracts the opposite sex. These people are flashy, want to be noticed by others and admired. They hate to be unnoticed and neglected. These are just illusion though, under the shiny and confidence skin these people can be very vulnerable and shy.

Rooster women have a great sense of fashion and a lot of admirers.

Just as their farmyard counterparts, men born under this sign like to be alone in the farmyard with the hens. He can have difficulties to accept other ”males” around. Rooster men are very good at understanding the opposite sex thanks for his intuition. They tend to have lot of women friends which can lead to a lot of argument with his partners.