Sheep symbolises feminin, ”yin” qualities and, such as, family, stability, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood rules his/her life. It’s very important for them to find their ”true” partner with who they can bond through their life. This is the most feminin sign of all sings, keeps close relation with family and relatives and if for some reason they lose contact with their parents or family, they will feel a strong desire to achieve a strong companionship within a new family.

Sheep can be very bad at judging characters, to trusting and naive, therefore they can experience many disappointments with people, however being an easy going and friendly sign it’s quite easy for them to overlook of resentment.

Their creativity and imagination largely stronger than any other sign’s in Chinese Astrology. They like to be part of a crowd, a team, but they don’t want to get lost in them. Sheep are very good at arts, mainly dance and performances where they can be part of a group but at the same time they can shine as individuals as well.