Yang Earth


Imagine a great stone mountain which stands in its place now, stood there hundreds of years ago and probably will stay there hundreds of years later as well. This is how you can describe the best a Yang Earth person. Someone who is like a big rock stays in his place confidently and immovably.

Those born under Yang Earth element are very stable, confident, often unapproachable. They don’t like sudden changes, experimentation in their life. They stuck with what they know already and don’t give up their old habits, traditions for a new one. One of the hardest thing for a Yang Earth is to change something radically in his life. It must come a real ”earthquake” in their life which can move them towards changes.

Yang Earth likes predictability.  He will be the one who goes to the same place for a holiday every year, who will eat at the same restaurant and visits the same places every time.

Yang Earth likes to do everything slowly, comfortably according to his own pace. Likes to plan everything ahead, don’t expect from him spontaneity. If a big earthquake came and he is forced to change, he prefers this change to be as slowly as possible, he will need a lot of time to think through every details before would move towards something new.

Despite his stiffness and inaccessibility, Yang Earth people are very emotion-focused and if something touches them they can react to this very quickly and sometimes in minutes can jump into something which interests them, but for this ‘quick jump’ to happen in a Yang Earth case they need to feel enthusiasm about it.

Yang Earth in relationships

As in every other part in their life, Yang Earth is looking for reliability in his relationships too. Because of his desire for security, Yang Earth would like to settle down with someone as soon as possible, he likes if have someone who to go home at the end of the day and because of this they tend to jump quickly in a new relationship even if knows deep inside that will not lead to anywhere. The biggest problem with this is that since changes are very difficult to Yang Earth, they often get stuck in relationships which are not working well.

Yang Earth is a very faithful, reliable, steady partner and once committed with someone will stay with that person till the end. He is the support of his family.

Being a Yang Earth element, likes to keep his secrets to himself and in his emotional life quite reserved as well, he is not good at expressing his emotions. If you are a partner to a Yang Earth don’t await him to write you love poems and sing serenades. He is that type who  expresses his love with his reliability and faithfulness.

Yang Earth as a friend is as a protecting rock, protects those who stays close to him, would never let a friend down or let someone to say bad gossips about a friend who is not present.

Yang Earth feels an instinctive attraction towards those people in whose chart can be found Yin Water, Pig or Rat. People with these elements can bring out the most from Yang Earth and can have the biggest effect on him.

Work and career

As every part in his life Yang Earth doesn’t like changes in his work life neither. Very hard-working and helpful. Works slowly but with a big effort, has huge reserves. Very important to work in a place where can go in his own pace, where doesn’t have to make quick decisions and jump from one project to another. Doesn’t like to ask questions in the work from others, usually Yang Earth is the one where others go for answers. If likes his job and workplace usually stays there till retires.

He is very kind and friendly with his colleagues, but doesn’t like to talk about his private life. If someone steps into his private sphere he becomes very aloof and taciturn. Doesn’t like to gossip in the workplace.

If he is a boss should pay attention because people can easily take advantage of his kind and helpful nature.

Yang Earth child

Yang Earth child strives for security, for a stabil home and family just as much as a Yang Earth adult. This child needs the most a secure home and a stabil family. If his sense of security is not developed in early childhood even more likely that will gets stuck in the future in a relationship where he is not happy.

If Yang Earth child has a secure family background where he can go home, then he will cope better with the bigger challenges in his little life and will do better in the school too.

Yang Earth child seems retractable and silent at the first sight but once he gets comfortable with the people around him and the new situation will be easy for him to fit in.

Child with this element are very stubborn and is hard to convince them to open towards changes, that’s why it is very important, if is going to happen a change in the family’s life (moving, school changing, holiday) to prepare them months before this change would happen. If the family moves from one place to another is best if the parents of Yang Earth child organising his new room just the same way as the old was, making for him easier in this way to get accommodated with the new place.

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