Yang Fire

Yang Fire

Yang Fire is the Sun. This is a very happy, energetic, optimistic element which is full with love towards others. Yang Fire has cheerful look and a joyful radiance. Just like the Sun, which shines on everyone without judgement, Yang Fire is indiscriminately kind to everyone from the cleaner to the prime minister. He is that person who can turn towards others with true and honest attention.

This is a very honest element and just like the Sun, a person born in day of a Yang Fire cannot avoid being straight and clear. He will always tell what he thinks and how he thinks.

Just like the Sun, around which other planets circulate but cannot go near because they would burn, Yang Fire people are very kind and friendly to everyone but do not let others too close. Also, just like the Sun is in the centre of the solar system, Yang Fire always finds himself to be the centre of attention without trying to do anything particular for this. He is very confident, with a big ego and takes it as completely natural that everything is about him. He needs attention and cannot imagine not being at  the centre of it. He also requires to be praised; he won’t ask for it but really loves it. In a group where he feels that people are looking down on him, Yang Fire will be motivated to shine even stronger and be even better.

Yang Fire is a very people centred element. A Yang Fire person feels the best if he can be among people. It is worthwhile for him to choose a workplace where he can talk and have physical relations with others. This element is also very helpful, and would like to help everyone at the same time. Yang Fire is inclined to make bad decisions from time to time because he tries to do a favour for everyone to ‘’shine on everyone’’ equally and sometimes there is no way this can be achieved.

One cannot drag down a Yang Fire for too long. Even if he has a bad day, tomorrow he will rise again like the Sun and everything returns to normal. Yang Fire does not dwell too much on things. He is looking to the future and if something bad happens he gets over it quickly.

In every Yang Fire there is a child-like curiosity and a diverse interest. Yang Fire likes to chat about a  variety of things but doesn’t like to go deep down into topics.

Yang Fire is very hot-headed, and often flares up like fire. He gets enthusiastic and happy over something very quickly but often this enthusiasm blows out just as quickly as it came. He is also very quick-tempered. Diplomacy is not his strength. He cannot tell things differently from how he thinks. If he does not like something, this will burst out of him  suddenly, but once he releases the tension, everything will go on like nothing would have happened. If he gets angry with someone, he will tell at once face to face what is his problem and after this the argument is closed from his side. If someone gets into an argument with a Yang Fire, no matter how big this argument was, from tomorrow he will be just as kind as before. Yang Fire can’t hold anger. One of Yang Fire’s most important mission is to teach optimism and forgiveness to others, how someone can get through problems and grievances quickly; how not to hold anger for long. He is that person to whom the glass is always half full and not half empty.

Yang Fire is one of the most naive elements. Sun has nothing to hide, he is kind, honest and has a positive attitude towards people and presumes that everyone else is like him. Yang Fire never looks behind someone’s intentions. If someone is kind with him, Yang Fire thinks he is kind because this is his nature. However because of this he can feel many times that been attacked from behind, he does not assume that someone would not tell in his eyes if they have a problem with him.

Yang Fire is routine oriented. Just like the Sun which rises every day from the East and sets in the West, a Yang Fire person also establishes daily routines in his life and follows this strictly. This gives him security. This tendency can be observed in his problem solving skills as well. This element always wants to solve everything in the same way. If he does not succeed with something the sixth or seventh time, he will try even for an eighth time hoping that this time maybe things will be different and will succeed. This routine orientation can be one of the biggest problems in his life because often he runs the same circles without realising that there is a need for a change. Development is very hard for a Yang Fire, to realise the little mistakes; he is not able to look at his life from outside. Yang Fire’s biggest lesson is to learn that changes in his life are useful and serve his individual development. He needs to try from time to time to view his own life from outside or if this is too hard, it is very useful for a Yang Fire to ask for advice from others who have a better insight into his life. A Yang Wood who always contemplates the things from above and has a good view of the overall picture, could be a great counsellor for instance.

Yang Fire are inclined to fall back into autopilot mode. Often it happens that he starts with a clear goal and then gets lost in his daily routine and forgets about why he started things. Because of this the second very important thing for him  to learn is to be able to stop in his life from time to time and examine if he still heads towards those goals that he set for himself at the beginning.

Yang Fire also usually has a social interest, and often commits himself to a good cause, helping charities.

Yang Fire in relationships

In a relationship, Yang Fire is passionate and flaming, experiencing that certain ‘’high tension’’. Nothing can take away his mood more than the cold atmosphere in a relationship. From all ten elements sexuality will be the most important for a Yang Fire.

He really likes if there is a routine in the relationship and this can be spiced up sometimes with some passionate arguments after which the getting back together is so sweet. For him arguments and debates uplifts the relationship rather than makes it worse. He knows how to cheer up a relationship with his suddenness. Just as in other part of his life, he is very forgiving in his relationships as well.

His talking sooner than thinking tendency can be observed within his relationships as well. He can hurt his partner a lot with his sudden blow ups.

In a relationship Yang Fire strives quality rather than quantity. It can be observed a duality within his relationships. One day his partner is his everything and treats him or her as a God or Goddess the other day will not even look towards him or her.

Yang Fire feels an instinctive attraction towards those people who have Yin Metal or Rooster in their chart.

Work and career

Yang Fire prefers to work independently. From that point where he knows his tasks and understands what others are awaiting from him, Yang Fire doesn’t like if others interfere in his work. The bad side of this that he is reluctant to take advice even if it is good and he could benefit from it. He wants to work alone and doesn’t like to ask questions.

Yang Fire is a reliable colleague and employee, he gets on well with everyone at work, he will be that person who is almost surely in a good relation with the management. This is not because of his personal interest but because he is very friendly and kind with everyone. However Yang Fire will also be that individual who will be the first to tell the management about problems at the work.

A person born on a Yang Fire day requires praise, he will not ask for this but really loves when it happens.

Just as in other part of his life, relationships with other people are very important for him at his work as well. He usually has work relations and separates his private life from his work life. Just like the Sun which is able to shine just one particular side of the world at a time, Yang Fire as well can keep relations and friendships just with those people who are physically close to him. He will not keep in touch for too long with colleagues or friends who left work or moved to other countries.

Yang Fire is inclined to have relations just at his work and starts to attach to those colleagues who are close to him. He sometimes can also become dependent from these people for the mere reason that he doesn’t have any other relationships beside these and relations are very important for him. Yang Fire should consciously open towards the world, participate in clubs or events which he is interested in, where he can meet with more people who he have common interests with and make more friendships. In this way he becomes less dependent just on those few people who are around him.

His excessive sincerity can be a problem at his work as well. The fact that he tells everyone face to face what comes in his mind first without embellishment is not appealing to everyone. Yang Fire should learn diplomacy and the skill of how to count to ten before saying something. He will still be honest in this way but at least he will let others know his problem in a wrapping which is more acceptable to more sensitive people.

Yang Fire is a workaholic. He has a burning desire to do something, to finish what he started. He is full of energy and thinks that he will never run out of this. He is that person at the workplace who arrives the earliest and leaves the latest. If a Yang Fire doesn’t go to work because of sickness one can be sure that there is a real problem with him. Yang Fire needs to be aware that even his energy sources are finite.

Yang Fire child

Yang Fire as a child is very honest, naive and childlike innocent. He is full with optimism and energy. He can be honestly happy even about the smallest thing but at the same time he is also able to stamp about something which he doesn’t like and even the neighbour who lives three houses away will hear it.

Yang Fire child is kind with everyone, he seeks other children for company, makes friends easily and is very curious. He is always full with questions.

What is in his heart is in his mouth, and he does not think before he would speak. Parents of a Yang Fire Child used to be summoned to school for a discussion the most often because their child was too honest and told something what he shouldn’t to his teachers. It is best if parents of a Yang Fire teach their child from the very beginning the skill of how to be more diplomatic and not to always speak his mind without thinking.

Just like in case of adults, Yang Fire child is also characterised by sudden flares. If a Yang Fire child likes something, he will try it out at once. This child will probably try out several sports and other hobbies and he will gets bored quickly with most of it and will never try them again.

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