Yang Water

Yang Waterr

Yang Water is the ocean. In Chinese Astrology this element incorporates the information-based knowledge and rational wisdom. A person with this day element has very deep thoughts which are elusive for others. In the surface he or she seems an easy going person but in fact deep down he is interested in the big ‘’questions of life’’; wants to understand the deeper relations between things. Astrology, philosophy, spiritual teachings all stand close to water element.

Yang Water is inscrutable like the ocean, ones can never see the bottom of it. Being a water element Yang Water is a dual element. From one side he shows emotions and feelings and from the other side shows the thoughts and information. Yang Water can separate the best his emotions from the facts. He has a very professional attitude without would involve his feelings. This person is sensitive and approaches things in a rational way at the same time.

Yang water is very impatient. Even if he seems calm from outside, deep down his thoughts, like the currents down in the deep of the ocean, are constantly cruising from one thing to the other. Yang Water is very active not just mentally but physically as well. This element is always on the move, always doing, organising something, wants to improve things, wants to make himself useful. Ambitious, perfectionist, since very young age has great expectations towards himself which are very difficult to be accomplished. Yang Water always wants to be the best in everything and because of this from time to time will overtax his strength. He needs to pay attention to rest, relax from time to time because there are two things which can damage Yang Water, the anger and the stress. In stressful circumstances Yang Water can become easily aggressive.

A person with Yang Water day element has very strong will, if they decide something there is no force which could stop them. He or she has rebellious nature, doesn’t like rules and conventions, wants to live according to his laws. Has a huge mental power and if he feels restricted will burst out. If his temper is unleashed no one can control him, that’s why it’s important for Yang Water to keep his emotions in control and to develop self-discipline and tolerance towards his surroundings. Yang Water’s biggest lesson in his life is to learn to control his own energy.

Yang Water is never satisfied with nothing in a way as it is, always wants to change everything at least a bit. Wants to improve everything which is too ordinary.

His relations are clear, avoids problematic people, relations, doesn’t get involved into gossips. This person has the most friends, acquaintances, and will get into a conversation easily with everyone. He is kind to everyone, finds the common voice with most of the people, just like water ”mixes” easily with everybody, but there is a point where he will not let others to see behind. His dual personality reveals also in his social life. Yang Water is very social, but he needs to draw back and be just on his own from time to time.

Yang Water in relationships

Yang Water has very deep feelings within his relationship too, but he keeps this for himself most of the time. He is seeking a partner with who he is at the same intellectual level and with who he can share his deep thoughts and can discuss about the ‘’most important questions in life’’. In case of a Yang Water, real commitment is when he is willing to share those deep thoughts which are inside him with his partner.

Yang Water is a very independent element, he needs his freedom even after committed himself with someone. He can’t tolerate if someone limits him, if this happens he will burst out sooner or later. Just as in other parts of his life, he withdraws sometimes, and enjoys to be alone within his relationship as well. After this withdrawing period he returns replenished and with renewed strengths into the everyday life. He needs to pay attention to his temper within his relationships as well because he can hurt the filings of his partner a lot if he doesn’t have enough self-control. He feels an instinctive attraction to all those who have Yin Fire, Horse or Snake in their chart.

Work and Career

Precise, pays attention of details and likes to work in a team. If he has the opportunity will surrounds himself with skilled people who are able to illuminate for him from different perspective those details which are important.

In his work life he avoids unclear relations and situations. He feels the best in a place where he is not tied mentally nor physically. If he works in an office, Yang Water is that person who can never be found at her desk because always goes somewhere. He doesn’t tolerate authoritarian, dictatorial management, he needs mental freedom in every part of his life. He can always base at his great communication abilities. It can be a disadvantage for him also at his work if he makes hasty decisions because of his impatient or if he goes to deep into the details. If he pays attention to these, nothing can stand in the way of his success. Because he is very thorough and his attention covers everything it is unlikely to make bad financial decisions. There is not a surprise that after all these characteristics we can find surprisingly lot Yang Water between the most wealthy people in the world (Bill Gates for example was born on a Yang Water day).

Yang Water child

Yang Water child is very kind, friendly, talkative, independent with a very strong will power. He has a very strong temper and if he is not thought how to control himself from very young age he will never be able to do this properly. This child requires a lot of patient from his parents. Yang Water is that child who requires 24 hours supervision. Always on the move and very curious. His sense of danger is less developed than other children. It is not wise to leave him alone in his early age for to long a time.

Yang Water child is full with endless ‘’why’’ questions, wants to know the answer of everything and if he won’t get satisfactory answers to these questions will start finding it out by himself. Because of his experimenter and curious nature he can put himself often into danger. Parents of a Yang Water child can influence him the best with rational arguments, they need to explain him very detailed and logic why he cannot do something.

Authoritarian education doesn’t work with a Yang Water child. He will rebel against the rules if these are to strict.

Yang Water child is very ambitious, from his very early years he feels that he needs to be the best in everything and if he does not achieve this he feels that he is not good enough. Parents of Yang Water child needs to assure him that they will love him no matter how he performs at school or other parts of his life and should try to explain to him that life is not a constant competition where he always needs to be the best. He will not feel good in a group where the individuals are performing better than he does, he prefers to be among people where he can be equal with the others or a bit higher.

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