Yang Wood

yang wood

If we want to understand the Yang Wood element, we must think of a big, hundred-year-old tree. A Yang Wood person will be just like this tree, strong and unbending. He will be a leader type, stable and reliable. Trees know just one direction to grow and this is up and straight, and just like this, Yang Wood is a very straight and honest element. If someone wants an honest opinion they should go to a Yang Wood because he will share what he thinks straight away and without embellishment.

Just like a big tree’s crown which protects the little insects and smaller plants under it, a Yang Wood person will have an urge to protect his surroundings, and those that are close to him. Yang Wood tries to take on the difficulties from those who are important for him, he will rather shoulder the burden so those that he loves don’t have any difficulties. Yang Wood carries a lot of weight on his back, that’s why very often he will have strong back and shoulder pain. Just like lots of plants under a big tree which are dependent on it, there are also many people around Yang Wood person who depend and rely on him. In presence of a Yang Wood person, people become dependent of him, they sort of lose their independence because they feel instinctively that they can rely on him.

Yang Wood is one of the most helpful elements. If someone asks help from him he will not just give advice but will try to resolve the problem of others on his own. The sentence ‘’leave it, I’ll do instead of you’’ it’s a very typical one that we might hear from a Yang Wood.

The concept of growth and development is linked to the Wood element. Status and recognition is very important for him. Yang Wood will always feel an urge to develop himself, to learn further, and will always try to get higher and higher.

Yang Wood’s mission is to further develop himself and experience his own creativity while retaining his past values as well as providing support and help for those in his surroundings and the ones in need.

The Yang Wood element has a very interesting relationship with change. He doesn’t like change, one cannot notice any change in a Yang Wood person from one day to another, nonetheless this will be that element who will go through the biggest changes in his life but this change will come slowly. If a Yang Wood will look back at his life, he will realise how far he got from where he started.

If a Yang Wood person has a principle, an idea, no one can convince him the opposite of this. A Yang Wood’s trunk rather breaks than bends. The partner of a Yang Wood needs to know that there is no reason to argue with him because it is impossible for anyone to convince him of something if this does not match with the Yang Wood’s own opinion. It’s not worth to wait from him to change his opinion from one day to another. He needs a long time in order to develop a new idea or orientation within him, until this time has come, he will resist stubbornly and only accept for things to be that way how he tells and thinks. Despite this, Yang Wood will change, albeit slowly. A person born under this element needs time and if he gets this, he will recognise if he was wrong after a while.

A Yang Wood is one of the most creative elements, has thousands of ideas, can run multiple tasks and projects at the same time. He branches out in all directions like the crown of a tree and will grow towards that direction where life leads him. Because he is full with ideas he tends to start several activities without finishing them, that’s why it’s very important for him to have a just a few clear goals towards which he is able to focus, otherwise will scatter his energy.

Yang Wood is the most attaching element of all. He will always be attached to his past, to his place, to his home from where he started, to his family and his partner. The longer he is together with his partner the more attached Yang Wood will become.

Yang Wood, in order to be able to face with difficulties of life needs strong roots. In case of a person, strong roots means his stable background. He feels secure if he is has two things in his life: a stable relationship with a partner to who he can attach, and a stable financial situation. If there is a problem with any of these Yang Wood becomes insecure. For example, even if he has a very good job, if his relationship is in crisis he will waiver, and lose his base.

Yang Wood is that element who divorces the hardest. If his relationship is going through difficulties he will try everything in order to save it, and through stubbornness and perseverance he will most likely succeed. If Yang Wood decides something, he will achieve it, but if he ends up with a divorce despite his efforts he will feel like someone would cut off his roots and will need a very long time in order to be able to set his roots again into a new person. Often he won’t be able to go into a deep relationship again at all. A 200 year old giant tree cannot be replanted from one place to another.

Yang Wood is a person of principles and he is faithful to these, nonetheless it is very important for him what others think about him and he wants to fulfil the needs of others. He tends to give up his principles only when great pressure comes from a group and he wants to meet with their needs.

This element looks at the whole picture, he contemplates things from above. He is not suitable and does not have the patience to go into details. Yang Wood is not thorough, he is rough-and ready, making quick decisions without thinking through them properly, and if things fit roughly he tends to jump into hasty decisions and doesn’t realise that there are big gaps in his plan. Beside Yin Water, Yang Wood will be that element who will need a good secretary the most, a person who can deal with administration and details instead of him.

Yang Wood will be successful if he works in a team. He needs support, like the trees in a forest who are protecting each other against the elements of nature, Yang Wood also needs people around him who can protect him in a ‘’bad weather’’. He can lead the best if he is not the main leader but let’s say the second leader, because that tree will be manhandled by the storm the most which is the tallest, except if his group is around him and protects him. If Yang Wood gets a higher position or becomes a leader, he usually instinctively takes his team with him as well.

Yang Wood in a relationship

As mentioned above this is the most attaching element of all and he will attach very strongly to his partner.

He is not to communicative about his feelings and can release himself better when he is among his friends, more than he would at home in an intimate situation.

He may fall into the mistake that will take his relationship for granted and because of this he can experience often the surprise when his partner leaves him without warning. However, in these cases Yang Wood’s survival instinct awakens and will do everything to get back his partner which he most of the time succeeds thanks to his stubbornness and perseverance. This is that element who will climb back in the window if they have been thrown out the door.

He is straight and honest, tells everything what he thinks, without embellishment and expects the same from his partner. He cannot see behind the words, doesn’t recognise mild hints, his philosophy towards his partner is ‘’I’m saying what I think, you should do the same.’’ If Yang Wood commits himself beside someone he will stay faithful to his partner, he doesn’t like things which are not straight.

Yang Wood needs the Earth element where he can set his stable roots in, that’s why he will attract to those people in whose chart Yin Earth, Ox or Goat (Sheep) can be found.

Work and career

This is a confident element who is a leader from top to bottom and can become the most successful if he is not working alone but has a good team. He has stubborn and definite ideas. Despite needing a team around him, he likes to work alone because he wants to works in his own way and does not like if others comment on his plans and decisions. He makes his decisions alone.

His working style is pushy, he tends to march on people. It is very hard to tell no to a Yang Wood, this element usually gets what he wants. His biggest problem that he doesn’t acknowledge his own deficiencies and mistakes and perseveres with his plans regardless if they are working or not.

At work Yang Wood is not to sociable with his colleagues, he rather has a neutral aloofness. His friendships with his colleagues will last while they work together on something and have a common point. He will go out with his colleagues only if he knows that they are going to talk about work.

Yang Wood is attached to his workplace as well. This element will be the one who will retire from his first workplace.

It’s very important for him in the field of work to have status and possibilities for development, if he finds these at his work he won’t be bothered with how much he earns.

Ideally he should work in a place where he can use his creativity, have his freedom and independence and also have potential for development.

Yang Wood child

Yang Wood is very stubborn and determined from a very young age, with massive willpower. If he wants something, he will get this through fire and water. He is a persistent, diligent child who becomes independent from a very early age. Often he has serious, mature thinking. Yang Wood does not have difficulties with integration. If he is in a small group of children he becomes leader, if in a large group, becomes a team-player. Just as trees in the forest, a Yang Wood child requires the company of other children and likes team activities thanks to the team spirit within him.

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