Yin Earth

Yin Earth 2

If you try to understand a Yin Earth person, think of fertile soil. Just as soil, Yin Earth, as a person also very receptive, accepting, nourishing and productive, he can be described with the ‘’mother Earth’’ analogy.

Yin Earth is very accepting with everyone, without would make any exceptions between people. Doesn’t matter what you plant, Yin Earth will feed the wheat, grain, noble breeds as well as weeds. Because of his understanding and accepting nature confrontation is extremely difficult for him; this is because he completely understands pros and cons from both side. His empathy, knowledge of human nature, social sensitivity is very developed and easily can fit into any company.  Very people-centred, knows how to get people together and make them to be a team. His biggest problem is that with all those constant caring and helping what he gives for others, he often forgets about his own values and to bring up to date his own things.

Every Yin Earth has a special ability that overcomes the average but he is not aware of this. Yin Earth people are the most talented ones, despite this their confidence is very low. He is not aware of his own talents and skills, doesn’t see any special in something what others consider as ‘’fantastic’’. He is like soil whose depth is full with treasures, but just as we need to mine down into the depth of the earth to bring the treasures into surface, the talent and creativity sleeps deep down in yin earth person and he needs a long time to bring these treasures into surface.

Most often Yin Earth is not able to bring these treasures out of himself on his own he needs someone who helps him in this. Because of this it’s very important for Yin Earth to have someone beside him who encourages him, helps him, brings the talent out of him. Someone needs to tell him that he is good in something because otherwise he doesn’t realise this.

Yin Earth is very adaptable, modest, kind, accepting and easy to get along with. Because of these qualities it is very rare someone to hate a Yin Earth, in general these people doesn’t provoke strong emotions from people.

Yin Earth in Relationships

Faithful, accepting, caring partner. As in other part of life he doesn’t like confrontation in his relationships neither, strives for harmony.

Very important for him to be able to take care of the other person to feel that the other part needs him and his help. If he is not able to care of others he feels useless.

For Yin Earth is very important to have common interests, plans, goals with his partner without these he doesn’t really know what to do with the other person. He is seeking equal relationship.

To some degree Yin Earth is also owning, he has very clear thoughts about what is acceptable in a relation and what is not. Yin Earth needs a long time till he will be able to completely trust in someone and relax in a relationship but from that point when his partner gains his trust yin earth lets the control out of his hands and from this point will have a complete trust in his partner. A trusting yin earth will let his partner to lead in certain areas of a relationship (for example he will let his partner to plan their holiday completely but he still likes to know about the details).

Being an Earth element, just as Yang Earth, Yin Earth doesn’t like changes neither. He needs a partner who can off-centre him from his comfort zone. He feels an instinctive attraction to all those who have Yang Wood or Tiger in their chart. These people can inspire him the most, they will bring out his talents and encourages him to embark on new things.

Yin Earth has big dreams, if he succeed to achieve his dreams he will feel that he is capable of anything and his confidence will grow, but for this he will need the proper partner who will encourage him.

Work and Career

Even as a boss Yin Earth tries to avoid confrontation. From one side he is not aware of his own talents and from the other side he seems like he always waits for somethings.

Yin Earth is very thorough, if is in a new project or wants to start one, he plans everything very systematically and precisely. Everything is ready and prepared to be started but Yin Earth waits with the initiation, he waits for someone to release the start command. If he got this command will start and from this point he won’t ask help, will sort out everything on his own but he needs someone beside him who starts the things, gives this starting command. He doesn’t need help, he just needs to know that someone is beside him.

His own principles are very important for Yin Earth and to be able to believe in something. He can realise himself just in a career, field in what he can believe in.

He is Idealistic in his work as well as business life. Has concrete ideas related to his future. Has clear plans, knows what he would like to deal with but often cannot separate his ideas, concepts from rationality (for example if his hobby is postmodern art he wants to deal with postmodern art even if this doesn’t have a market). He needs to pay attention to bring together somehow his ideas with the rationality. That’s why it’s good if he has someone at work with who he can discuss about his plans/ideas, not because he needs particular help from this person but because one hand he needs someone who will starts him off and from the other hand someone who can rationalise his ideas.

He has a kind of urge to keep things in his hands, to control, wants to flow into every part of the workflow, to see through everything and because of this the tasks often covers him at work completely, which gives him a lot of stress.

He can work the best when he can see, systematically in front of him the next steps, doesn’t like tangled, confused things.

Yin Earth child

From all elements Yin Earth children need to be encouraged the most by his parents because they are not aware of their own talents. These children will notice sooner their weaknesses than their strengths and it’s easier for them to find the talent in others than the talent in themselves. If you have a Yin Earth child it’s very important to draw his attention to his talents, that he is good in something. If Yin Earth is inspired from early childhood he will bring a ’’fruitful harvest’’.

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