Yin Fire


A person born under the element of Yin Fire most resembles a candle. This person was born to show direction to others, to lead other people towards the correct way while spreading his warmth and showing the „light in the dark”. Unlike his polar opposite, the Yang Fire who shines to everyone, Yin Fire will light up just those ones who ask for this. Every Yin Fire feels an inner urge to light up the way for others and he will be able to light the best when it is dark. Those people will get most of his „light” who are in need.

He has a serious, conservative, unapproachable and cold radiance. For those ones in outside, Yin Fire can seem that he does not care at all about most of the things, but this is all just a shell. The cold appearance covers a very sensitive person. In fact, Yin Fire is one of the most sensitive elements. Just like the candle flame which flutters of every whiff, a Yin Fire person will be moved inside by even the smallest outside event. Whatever happens with him outside, he reacts on this inside, but the outside world will not see anything of this. Yin Fire will not show his sensitivity to others. This element often absorbs the mood and atmosphere of his surroundings so much that he is not be able to fall asleep at night. His mind races with all those impressions which he experienced that day.

In every Yin Fire there is a so-called suspicious distancing. If someone is kind to a Yin Fire, he will interpret this gesture as suspicious and contemplates the kind individual as someone who wants something from him, has some „hidden” intention. This suspicious tendency comes mostly from his childhood. The more stable and balanced childhood a Yin Fire has, the less suspicious he will become as an adult.

He is a worrier type, when he makes a decision he will dwell on it for a long time; he often analyses and questions within himself for days if he indeed made a good decision or how he could do things differently.

A Yin Fire bottles up his feelings and emotions inside. If someone hurts him he will not react, but will keep it inside himself for a long time an dwell on it. He keeps gathering these inner stresses and tensions and when he reaches the very limit of his patience he suddenly explodes like a bomb. In these cases just like a lit candle forgotten which can burn down the whole house, Yin Fire will explode out his every bottled up grievances and tensions. These rare occasions all those in his surroundings will be surprised, because he would be the last person whom they would expect to demonstrate these kind of emotional outbursts.

From all ten elements, Yin Fire is the most self-sacrificing. Just like a candle which burns himself and becomes smaller and smaller until it burns out completely, Yin Fire gives from himself a bit to everyone as well who needs help and doesn’t realise that in the meantime he is burning himself too. It is very important for him to care for those around him and to make them feel good and happy. This will be that person for example who will stay in a bad relationship just for his partner not to be hurt with a potential break up. He would sacrifice his whole life for his children too. A Yin Fire needs to consciously pay attention to his own needs and desires and not always just to others. He was born to help others and to show the way but how he could do this if he doesn’t have his emotional balance and inner stability?

Yin Fire’s life mission is to learn how to turn openly towards others while getting rid of of his inner distrust. He can become just in this way that „light” which is able to show the way for those in need.

This element is very intellectual, thinks a lot, sometimes so much that he will overthink things. He is interested in everything, and learning is very important to him. He thinks logically. It is very hard to mystify a Yin Fire because he thinks everything through logically from the start to the end and looks behind the intentions. He goes deep into the problems he encounters, striving to find lasting solutions for them. He is very good at finding where the root of the problem is, thanks to his greatly developed analysis skills. Yin Fire approaches everything in theory and in practice will deal just with those things which he is confident with, because of this it is not a typical behaviour from him to open up towards new ideas in practice.

As changeable in his mood, Yin Fire as steady in his concepts. To learn from his mistakes is not his strength. If he starts something and does not succeed with it the first time he has a tendency to leave it and never do it again. He experiences this failure as his own personal failure and thinks that he does not succeed because he is not good enough, explaining to himself that this is something which is not worth to deal with and so will never try it again. With this type of reaction to failures, he takes away the possibility from himself to be able to learn from his mistakes. Yin Fire is a born helper. He was born to show the way to others with his light but if he is not able to learn from his mistakes, he will not be able to imagine himself in another situation either. Yin Fire should consciously pay attention to not be so afraid of failures and to give those things a second chance in which he did not succeed at first.

Yin Fire respects age and older people. He finds the common voice the easiest with those ones who are older than him. His parents are very important for him, his mother often is a centre figure in his life. For Yin Fire it is important to be able to look up to someone. He gets advice better from an older person than a younger one and often does not pay attention to good advice just because it came from someone who is younger than he is.

A person born under this element is compliant. It is a sort of „strut” for him if he has something which he can orientate to. It is not important for him to be the one who makes the rules but he likes to accommodate to those ones which are set already. If there are no rules he will experience chaos. Because of this though he can become too much of a rule follower and wants to solve everything according to the set rules. It is hard for him to change the rules or do things differently from them.

Yin Fire in relationship

This element is a caring, attentive, devoted and self-sacrificing partner. If there is a person who sacrifices all his life for his partner and family that will be the Yin Fire.

He usually takes more on himself than what he could bear comfortably. In a relationship he is very sensitive and vulnerable, bottles up his grievances and problems, tolerates a lot and avoids conflict and arguments, but when he reaches his tolerance limit he will suddenly burst out every bottled up feeling and emotion to the surprise of his partner and whole family.

Yin Fire often chooses an older partner or someone who he can look up to in some field. This is the consequence of his big respect for age and with this the wisdom which comes with it.

It is hard for him to express his feelings or talk about them. His suspicious tendency towards others appears in his relationship as well, mainly if he is not successful at his job.

Yin Fire will attract to those people who have Yang Water, Rat or Pig in their chart.

Work and career

The best place for a Yin Fire to work is a field where he can give advice and can show the direction to others.

He is very sympathetic with others, listens to everyone and is always happy to help. His self-sacrificing characteristic appears at his workplace too, though he needs to pay attention not to burn down himself just to be better for others.

Yin Fire likes to teach people but mainly just in theory. He likes to talk about things in general,  is glad to explain the philosophy of how things work but does not like to go into small, practical details. This makes him impatient.

Yin Fire needs some time until he gets accommodated with unknown areas. Until he feels himself confident in what he is doing, he does not like to be the centre of attention, he is rather that quiet spectator who stretches in the background but often there is a point where he becomes confident and at this point he starts to shine. When this happens everyone around him gets surprised, that how confident leader that colleague can become who was so quiet and withdrawn so far.

Yin Fire often takes his self-confidence from his work, and from how successful he is at work. If he is successful, he is less suspicious with others but if he is not successful will be very suspicious and this will affect not only his work life but his private life as well. In this case he will question himself subconsciously that why his partner loves him if he is not successful? What can be their partner’s hidden intention?

Yin Fire child

The Yin Fire child has a serious aura from a very early age and is usually more mature than others kids at the same age. He is a rather a quiet, withdrawn child who likes to spend time in adult company. This child looks up to older people and often chooses a mentor for himself. It is very important for him to find an exemplar who he can follow. If he does not have in his close family a „wise” adult who he can look up to (mother or father), he will look for an uncle, an aunt or a teacher but he will always find that older and wiser person who he can follow as his role model.

Yin Fire needs a harmonic and balanced childhood in order to become a confident and successful adult. If he has an imbalanced childhood, he becomes very suspicious towards others and as kindly as  someone tries to approach him, he will become more withdrawn.

As parent of a Yin Fire child is worth to talk with him about his feelings as much as possible, because in this way we can show him a way of how he can let out his emotions and inner tensions.


9 thoughts on “Yin Fire

      1. Please, i wanna know, do i find my element based on my daymaster, or is it somewhere else?

        Born 1989.05.12, female.
        Thank you. 🙏✌️


  1. Thank you so much for the above. Do you have any article/guidance on what date, hour, for Yin Fire people to be the luckiest?


  2. Hi Carmen, happy you found above useful. Without the knowledge of your full chart it is quite hard to determine what is the luckiest date/hour for certain people but if I’d have to answer to this in general, Yin Fire can shine the best in the dark (night, early dawn hours, winter season).


  3. Dear Writer. The description is/was ON POINT. I felt like I was reading MY OWN Life story. everything flashed back instantaneously. I appreciate thr write-up and I bow to the analogy. Yindee Duai (Congratulations).


    1. According the study of the five elements fire controls metal, they are part of the controlling cycle and to much fire can indeed melt metal; however when we analysing the compatibility of two people we cannot draw broad conclusions only because one person has a Yin Fire and the other a Yin Metal in their chart. We need to read the charts together comparing every element in them. When we analyse the compatibility between two charts the best is to compare first the day master and animal as the Day Column has the biggest impact on compatibility.


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