Yin Metal


Yin Metal is a jewel. Was born to be noticed, to shine and experience the bright side of the life. Yin Metals usually have a particular talent, ability and they strive to show this to the outside world. They came to this world to accomplish great things, to become special and to show their abilities and talents to the others. They love recognition and praise.

Yin Metals are very special, talented, creative, have a good sense of how to make themselves noticeable by others and how to make special even the most everyday things. Their physical appearance is very important to them. Most of the time Yin Metals achieve attention by others with two things. One is when they withdraw and want others to notice that they are withdrawn and other is when they actually take centre stage and show themselves.

If they don’t have a good physical appearance they will draw attention to themselves in the mental plane (Stephen Hawking is one of the best example to illustrate this feature of Yin Metal).

Yin Metals set high expectations for themselves, want to prove themselves that they are better in certain areas than others, want to be proud of themselves and do everything possible to achieve this. This element will pursue lifelong learning.

They are very polite, elegant, friendly, easily find the common voice with everyone. They like culture, arts, try to avoid things which they consider to be beneath them. Those born with this element also like beauty and quality. No one endures harder deprivation, difficult circumstances than Yin Metals. They see through things very easily, have organised thinking, are gifted with very good intuition.

Most of the time Yin Metals make decisions calmly, don’t interfere in things which they don’t have anything to do with, except if their renown is affected. Yin Metals have very good interpersonal skills, kind and polite but if someone questions their reliability, competency and perfection will sink into emotional chaos and will make wrong decisions just to prove their own truth. For this element is very important what others think about them, want to appear in the best light in eyes of their friends and acquaintances. They want to be up to date with everything, mainly in those fields which are related to their work or hobby. Want to know the answer to every question related to their areas of interest. If they don’t know the answer, they see this as a personal failure and will research until they will find it, for them this is a ’’personal thing’’.

One of their greatest strengths is their verbal abilities, their logic and reasoning abilities are also exceptional. They are that type of characters who are able to prove their own truth in every circumstance.

One of the most important thing to be remembered related to a Yin Metal person is to not confront them openly with their own mistakes or defects. Yin Metals always want to see themselves as perfect as possible and will never admit openly if they made a mistake or were wrong. If we have a problem with a Yin Metal it is better if we approach gently this problem without confronting them directly and always leave them a way of escape. The main thing is the message to go through, but not in a direct way. If a Yin Metal realises that they made a mistake, they will do everything to correct it but just in that way that we won’t attack them directly with this mistake.

For Yin Metal is very important to show a picture of themselves to the outside world, that they are very competent in what they are doing, however sometimes if they get to a high position where they can shine they can become arrogant easily.

Being a Metal Element, Yin Metal seem cold, distant, unapproachable at first sight but in fact they are very sensitive and have a delicate soul. They don’t like arguments, loud words, their soul is more noble than to participate in these. When they are faced with great pressure by the other party, they usually back out elegantly.

Yin Metal in relationships

Yin Metal seem at first cold and distant but if someone breaks through this unapproachable wall, they will find a very sentimental and romantic person. For this breakthrough, Yin Metal might need a long time though so the person who wants to conquer this element, will need a lot of patience.

Yin Metals are never pushy. They want their chosen one to be able to initiate and conquer them.

Respect and recognition are also their key words within their relationship. They await from their partner maximal respect and politeness and they will give the same in return. If they get these, they will stick to their partner through anything and everything. Yin Metal can’t handle loud arguments and await praise from their partner as well.

The partner of Yin Metal should also never confront them directly with their own mistakes within the relationship. It is better to give them time to recognise their own faults and correct them rather than telling these straight to their faces. If someone does this they will talk themselves out anyway and will never recognise openly that they were wrong.

For a Yin Metal it is important to be able to look up to their partner. Their chosen ones appearance also bears a key importance. They see their partner as their own extension, if this person is messy and sloppy they will feels that these qualities determine them as well.

Yin Metal feels an instinctive attraction towards those people in whose chart can be found Yang Fire, Snake or Horse animal.

Work and career

Yin Metals are very creative, they approach everything from a different angle than the big majority. They will appreciate most that type of work where they will have the possibility to use their creativity. Yin Metals want to feel themselves special in their workplace as well as in their personal life, often striving to be in leading position. This element is not about the hard work, they are the strategist and planner rather than the implementer.

They good at outsourcing tasks to others, mainly those parts which they don’t want to deal with. In order to achieve their dreams it is important for Yin Metal to understands that those things which they don’t like and consider beneath them needs to be dealt with as well.

They are distant with their colleagues, never mix with those who are under them in hierarchy. Like to go out just with those who are at the same level as them or higher.

Don’t tolerate dilettantism, bluntness and incompetency. For them is a must to always know the answer of those questions which their colleagues are asking from them. Yin Metal is inclined to rivalry in their workplace as well.

Yin Metal hate stressful, dirty, circumstances which are under their dignity, and put great pressure on them. They like to be in a place where they can create, plan, lead and achieve their goals in a way how they would like to.

Yin Metals are very good team players, they need a team beside them and they will achieve success the easiest if will cooperate with others.

Yin Metal child

Yin Metal children need to be praised and recognised the most from the ten elements. This will influence their confidence and success in their later life.  If they don’t get enough praise and attention they will do everything, including being naughty just to get the wanted attention.

Parents of Yin Metal children shouldn’t deny the attention from their child because if they don’t get this during their early years they will seek it desperately in adulthood and will tend to rival with others. They can build on attention received in childhood in their later life. This will help them to become more confident adults.

Yin Metals are driven by the feeling from their very young age that have a mission on this Earth, and that they are destined to do great things.

As a parent, Yin Metal sees their children and his all family as their own extension. It’s very important for them to be proud of their children. They sometimes satisfy their own attention seeking through their own children. Yin Metal needs to be careful with this because not every child is born to shine and play act in front of audiences. If their child is impolite, ill-mannered, Yin Metal feel as a huge failure of their own. Yin Metal needs to recognise that they and their own children are separate individuals and their children’s behaviours do not necessarily qualify them.

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