Yin Water


Yin Water can be characterised with the analogy of cloud, dewdrop or fog. Just like these natural phenomena a Yin Water person is also impenetrable and inscrutable. One can never see inside a Yin Water’s head. Yin Water has lots of thoughts and ideas going through his mind at the same time. Being a water element just like in Yang Water’s case, emotions, feelings and knowledge will appear also in Yin Water’s but in Yang Water’s case rational knowledge is stronger, Yin Water will posses more of an intuitive knowledge. He is very often interested in astrology and spirituality. If a Yin Water is material that is usually because he hasn’t met yet deep enough with esoteric doctrines.

Yin Water’s mission is to find his own inner center while relying on intuitive impulses.

Yin Water is the most intuitive element of all ten elements. The cornerstone of his life is his intuition and he can make the best decisions if he listens of these impulses. This element is the ‘’Yinest’’ of all elements. If the Yin Water is a she, she will be very feminine, in the case of a he, this will be manifested mostly in sensitivity. Yin Water men are very popular among women and they will have lots of female friends even after marriage. He will often keep contact with his ex partners as well.

He or she an introvert, who usually withdraws and views the events from the background. One can never get completely close to him, there is always a feeling towards him that they don’t know him completely. Yin Water is the person of surprises, a dreamer; he finds it very hard to rationalise things and cannot always separate rationality from his dreams. Yin Water lives his life in a completely different plane, his head is always full with wandering thoughts and for others it is very hard to know what is going on inside him exactly. Yin Water thinks differently to most people, it can happen that someone talks to him and as a reply he begins to talk about a completely different topic, this is because his mind is full with thoughts and ideas and cannot think in a structured way. Not helping this, is the fact that he is also very impatient and jumps from one thing to another making very hard for those in his surroundings to follow him.

 Just like Yang Water, Yin Waters are also very active mentally. Not persistent. Finds it very hard to deal with one particular thing at a time. Yin Water is kept alive by the magic of novelty. He can pay attention to something just as long as has the power of novelty. If he loses interest he will leave everything half done and will start something else which matches with his current interest.  If he could, he would deal with everything at the same time which interests him, because Yin Water can deal with something just as long as that thing interests him and the bad news is, that his interests changes quite often. This element will be successful in life if he is not tied down towards one thing but can deal with lots of different things. He should split his day into sub tasks because in this way will be the most productive.

Yin Water is the idea person not the implementer. He plans out the things in his head but won’t implement them. He needs someone beside him who can rationalise his ideas. His strengths are  his creativity and finding new approaches. Never concentrates to  those things which are in front of him because he contemplates things from a more abstract viewpoint. His success will depend on three things: using his imagination, using his intuition and trying to focus a bit more on those things which he wants to achieve.

Yin Water finds very annoying those people who are not thinking and asking why questions every now and then. He has very strong mood swings. One moment in a good mood in the other bad. These moods swings also influence greatly his everyday life. If he is in a good mood soars, if in a bad, he is unfocused. He also has an inner world where he will withdraw from time to time.

Yin Water in relationships

Yin Water is a very sentimental, accepting partner in his relationships. This element is all about care and intuition. He is very gentle and loves his partner from all of his heart but he does not always share  his feelings to the other partner. He tends to live in his own world within his relationships as well in which he involves his partner too.

He can tune into his partner very quickly and often knows what is his partner’s problem without words. Being a very sensitive element he hates loud arguments and problematic relationships.

If he feels secure, he gives complete freedom to his partner, he needs this freedom too from time to time to be able to withdraw to his own head. Nothing annoys more a Yin Water than the ‘’what are you thinking right now?’’ type of questions. He considers his thoughts his own and doesn’t like to share them with anyone.

He feels an instinctive attraction to all those who have Yang Earth, Dog or Dragon in their chart.

Work and career

He has unique and innovative insights and thoughts but needs a team at his work who will rationalise these for him. Without a team he will stay just a dreamer with lots of ideas which will never be achieved. It’s better if he splits long projects into sub tasks because he will be able to keep the deadlines in this way and concentrate better.

His current mood affects him greatly at his work as well. If he has a good mood he will achieve great things in that day but in his bad days his performance will be poor too. He is mostly quiet, withdrawn at his workplace, prefers to work alone in his own little world.

Yin Water is very kind with his colleagues, finds the common voice easily with everyone and aspires equality. If he is the boss will not follow convention, he will be a sort of ‘’easy going’’ boss who will have a great power to inspire others.

 This element can work better in a team who share equally his enthusiasm. If he is left alone with his ideas will lose his passion quickly. Yin Water should choose that sort of work where he can have his intellectual freedom.

Yin Water child

Just as adult, Yin Water child is withdrawing as well. This child is the most sensitive of all. Requires lots of attention and love. He senses tension immediately. There is no reason to shout or talk loudly with a Yin Water child. He doesn’t need strong disciplines because he can sense already from a disapproving glance if there is a problem and what is the problem. He will have very good intuition from a very young age. This child cannot be fooled, will know what’s going on around him even if his parents are playing something else.

Yin Water child has no competition spirit, he aspires equality, doesn’t want to be better than others, that’s why it’s not expedient to push a child like this towards competitive sports. His soul will be ruined because of the pressure what this causes.

As a parent of a Yin Water child it is worth affirming him from a very young age to always listen to his intuitions and he will know exactly what we are talking about.

2 thoughts on “Yin Water

  1. I appreciate the info, but I’m disappointed that the many descriptions found of these personality traits offer no guidance to improve and balance. Surely, there must be a history of interventions other than the aromatherapy that I’ve found. I wish a knowledgeable person would publish something like that.


  2. Hi Donna, the purpose of this article was to describe the very plain and basic characteristics of the Yin Water Element. For balancing techniques the knowledge of the whole chart is needed. It is impossible to tell from only one element how a particular person could improve her life.
    The balancing of a chart with a Yin Water Day Master where the Water Element is strongly present in other columns of the chart as well will be completely different than balancing a chart where the Yin Water Day Master is the only Water Element. This was only an example, the balancing and improvement techniques will be different for everyone (unless two person were born at exactly the same year, month, day and hour).


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