Yin Wood

Yin Wood

The flower, stem or a seedling analogy will best describe a Yin Wood person. Just like a plant, Yin Wood is very flexible, adaptable and ready to compromise. He avoids conflicts and always seeks for balance and peace.

Yin Wood is a real survivor. Just like a flexible stem, he will not resist the storm, but bends so this can’t hurt him. He will reach his goals, not through confrontation but rather through the ability to influence others in that way that he does not induce any resistance. Yin Wood will always find possibilities towards his goals. If he meets with resistance somewhere, he will find another way to get where he wants to be. This element was not born to fight with the difficulties of life. He is not able to defend himself, he rather sidesteps or bypasses the difficulties. His two most significant strengths are his adaptability and the ability to influence others.

From outside he seems fine and restrained but in fact he knows very well what he wants. He is able to make others to do things for him in that way that the other party does not notice this at all. Because of this he can become a very good leader, but not that leader who fights in the front line but rather that one who directs the events from the background. He does not confront openly. He doesn’t like ‘unpleasant surprises’ and will always have a ‘plan B’ to avoid these.

Yin Wood is a very good judge of character. He is very attentive to people and often knows from the very first conversation how far can he go with someone. Yin Wood wants to meet with everyone’s needs and is willing to do everything for a bit of recognition. Because of this he prefers instantaneous solutions, which is good for everyone at that moment, rather than durable ones. From that moment when he enters into a group (at school with his colleagues or at his workplace) the most important thing for him will be what others think of him – are they agreeing with him, supporting him or not? – and not what he wants in fact. If he gets the right support from his surroundings he will be able to achieve anything but if he won’t get the required support his confidence will fall.

He is also very impressionable. For the sake of peace and acceptance by others, he often renounces his goals and rather makes compromises than to confront with someone. Yin Wood also tends to override his opinion in those cases where he meets with a stronger opinion. Yin Wood’s life mission is to become a diplomatic, flexible and emphatic leader while making himself independent from the opinion of others and learning that one does not need to fit to everyone’s needs.

This is a very diplomatic, lovable element, a good mediator with very good communication and argumentative skills. He is always pursues towards peace and is able to communicate even bad news in that way that this will not bring out resistance from others. He tells others what they want to hear but in that way that invisibly he will also include his own thoughts, and suggestions which will help him to achieve what he wants. In low spiritual level he is manipulative, in a high level he is an exceptional diplomat who is able to influence people and often save them even from their own bad decisions.

In his early age Yin Wood is very pliable and weak, he is not aware of his own strengths but as time passes and he matures, he starts to be more and more aware of his inner strengths and from this point will realise that he does not need to meet with everyone’s needs and will learn how he can shape the world to himself rather than shape himself to the world.

Yin Wood in relationships

This element is very sentimental and adaptable but still likes to lead within his relationship as well. He is the master of accommodation and manipulation. In most cases he instinctively attracted towards strong individuals.

Yang Woods leading side will comes out more when he is at home in his intimate sphere, rather than outside within a group, where he prefers to be lost among others. If his partner has a strong character he withdraws and directs from the background, if not as strong his leader side will comes out more and he will take over the leading position.

Yin Wood likes to let his partner to solve the ‘delicate’ everyday problems, like confrontation with noisy neighbours or protesting because of a high bills.

He feels attractions towards people who have Yang Metal or Monkey in their chart.

Work and career

Yin Wood is a very creative element and can be the most successful in a place where he can direct the events from the background since in this way he will not have to face with open confrontations.

At work he is very friendly, kind and adaptable. He likes to have a good relation with everyone.

He cannot say no to others and if he lets his colleagues too close to him, he can end up  with all the tasks on him. Since he wants to meet with everyone’s needs at his work as well as his private life, he doesn’t dare to say if he has problems with someone or with something. He rather goes home stressed than to let others know that the work what he does is too much for him. He does not like to talk about ‘sensitive’ topics at work such as work related problems or salary rise.

He does not have deep roots, changes workplace quickly if something better comes up.

It is worth for him to choose a place as his workplace where there is not too much pressure on him, where he does not need to make difficult decisions and where he doesn’t need to confront with others.

Yin Wood child

Yin Wood child is the most impressible of all, that’s why it’s better if parents of a Yin Wood child will pay particular attention with who they let their child to befriend. A bad group can take him to a wrong direction.

A Yin Wood child needs a stable family background in his life and a good exemplar who he can look up and follow. In this way there will be less chance that he will be influenced towards bad ways.

He wants to meet with his parents’ needs and a very deep fear lives within him of ‘what if…’ scenarios. What is going to happen if he takes home bad notes, what is going to happen if his parents catch him doing something bad? He is afraid that he will lose his parents’ love, that’s why this child tends to lie from time to time. When this happens parents of Yin Wood should ask him what he would do in this situation, what is he afraid of, that he does not dare to tell the truth? He needs to be assured that nothing is going to happen if he makes mistakes from time to time, because no one is perfect.

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